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ISO/IEC 18305: 2016

Information technology -- Real time locating systems -- Test and evaluation of localization and tracking systems

ISO/IEC 18305 is an international standard for testing Localization and Tracking Systems (LTSs). NIST initiated the development of this standard in October 2012 and led the development process through the completion of the project in November 2016 with the publication of the standard. Besides the members of the subcommittee ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC 31, Automatic identification and data capture techniques, which were directly responsible for the development of ISO/IEC 18305, many individuals from industry, various user communities, standard developing organizations, academia, and US federal government reviewed various drafts of the standard and made invaluable comments/contributions.

ISO has the copy right on ISO/IEC 18305. The standard may be purchased by visiting the relevant ISO web page. By clicking on the Preview ISO/IEC 18305:2016 button on that page, one can find the table of contents and the introductory sections of the standard. Among other things, the "Introduction" explains why ISO/IEC 18305 was developed.

NIST activities in LTS testing are based on ISO/IEC 18305. The testing activities are use cases for ISO/IEC 18305 and a means of validating the standard.